Programmatic access tracking the influence of money in politics, brought to you by
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Entity Lookup and Crosswalk

Look up IDs for political entities by name, retrieve basic biographical and other meta information, or find an entity ID from a variety of source IDs, including:

Itemized Data

Search and filter individual contributions, contracts, grants and lobbying registrations.

Aggregate Data

Find the most active Politicians, Individuals, Organizations and Industries based on receipts, expenditures and lobbying.


We have an API mailing list, and can be found on Twitter at @sunlightlabs.


Data returned by this service is subject to the use restrictions set by the Federal Election Commission. By accessing this data, you understand that you are using the data subject to all applicable local, state and federal law, including FEC restrictions.

All data licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. By downloading data and accessing the API you are agreeing to the terms of the license.

Federal campaign contribution and lobbying records must be attributed to

State campaign contribution records must be attributed to


All calls to the Influence Explorer API share the same root URI:

The current verison is 1.0.

The URI scheme is not strictly RESTful, but methods can be grouped into 6 logical categories:

Endpoint Description
Entity Lookups Search for politicians, individuals, organizations and industries, or retrieve crosswalk IDs from a variety of sources.
Politician Aggregates Find aggregate campaign finance information about political candidates at the state and federal levels.
Individual Aggregates Find aggregate campaign finance information about individual donors.
Organization Aggregates Find aggregate campaign finance information about organizations, including PACs, corporations and lobbying firms.
Industry Aggregates Find aggregate campaign finance information about various industries are involved in lobbying.
Itemized Search Methods Search itemized campaign contributions, federal contract awards, federal grant awards and federal lobbying registrations.

Common Parameters


All requests to the Influence Explorer API require a Sunlight API key. An API key is free to register and has no usage limits.

API keys can be provided with a request through the query string:


Pagination / Limiting

All itemized endpoints respond to page and per_page parameters to scroll through the data, passed like so:


By default, the first page is returned, with 1,000 records per page. The maximum per_page value is 100,000.

Aggregate Limiting / Cycle

Except where specified, all aggregate endpoints respond to limit and cycle parameters, to limit the number of top results returned, and to base superlative calculations on a given election year:


In this example, the limit parameter is part of the method name (top_:limit).

Ranges and OR Searches

Some parameters are specified in this documentation as the types comparison or inclusion. These fields support logical operators prepended to their values to denote a range of values or multiple values to include:

Comparison (range)

>| Greater than or equal to, eg. >|1000
< Less than, eg. <1000000
><|| Between, eg. ><|1000|5000

Inclusion (boolean OR)

Include results from 2006, 2008 and 2010.

Client Libraries

Bulk Data

For analysis that requires access to large portions of our data, we offer (and strongly encourage!) a bulk data set for free. See the Bulk Data page for a list of available downloads.

Data Changelog

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January 9, 2013

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January 6, 2012

October 27, 2011

-Federal Campaign Finance Data: updated to CRP's 10/3/2011 release. -EPA ECHO Data: updated to 10/19/2011 release.

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