More details about the individual fields in the source data is available from the ICIS-FE&C Data Description. ICIS field names are given in parentheses.

case_name (ENFOCNM)
the name given to the case by the lead attorney.
case_num (ENFOCNU)
a unique identifier for the case. Can be used to look up more details on the case on the ECHO search page.
defendants (DEFENNM)
a semicolon-separated list of company names listed as defendants. There are often many defendants on a single case, and the data do not indicate how a fine was split between defendants.
first_date (SUBACAD)
the earliest milestone date associated with this case.
first_date_significance (SUBACTY)
a description of the event to which the first date corresponds.
last_date (SUBACAD)
the last milestone date associated with this case.
last_date_significance (SUBACTY)
a description of the event to which the last date corresponds.
location_addresses (FCLTYAD, FCLTCIT and FCLTSTC)
a semicolon-separated list of street addresses for the facilities involved in the case.
num_defendants (count of DEFENNM)
the number of defendant companies.
the total penalty assessed. This includes all penalty types described below except for ENFOPS. Note that the data do not show how the various penalties were split among defendants.
penalty_enfccaa (ENFCCAA)
amount spent by the company to upgrade its facilities so it is no longer breaking the environmental rules.
penalty_enfcraa (ENFCRAA)
amount paid to cover the EPA's costs as they plan to cleanup, investigate, monitor the site, etc. This process is called "cost recovery."
penalty_enfops (ENFOPS)
the total penalty amount sought.
penalty_enfotpa (ENFOTPA)
fine amount levied by the federal government.
penalty_enfotsa (ENFOTSA)
cost of an environmentally friendly project or projects the company has agreed to take on to try to make up for the environmental damage.
penalty_enfcslp (ENFCSLP)
penalty amount for states or local agencies in the settlements.